The Droitwich Discovery - May 2016


This was the second of the one act plays by Nick Warburton on a Shakespearian theme, directed by Tony Dent.  The action took place in the attic of an old house in Droitwich where Shakespeare was unbelievably reputed to have written his works.  Guided tours were conducted by the money-grabbing Mrs. Craddock (played by Jane Swale), and an naive party of tourists have fallen for the advert and are visiting the attic.  Suddenly the Ghost of Shakespeare appears, not William as it transpires but his brother Terry, played by Chris Bishop. In explaining how his younger stole all his works and changed their titles, Terry illustrates his points by a series of cameo pastiches of scenes from well-known plays, bewitching the tourists into acting out various parts.   George (Joe Crisfield) had dialectical skills to indicate which part of the country he was coming from and the remaining visitors, Olive (Ros Tunbridge), Karen (Madeline Reeve) and Dilly (Caroline East) shared the various cameos between them.  One of the highlights was the so-called Casket scene from The Estate Agent of Venice (translating as The Merchant of Venice!) which was a spoof of Cilla Black’s Blind Date, with Ros Tunbridge producing an exemplary Liverpudlian accent and was Cilla to a tee.