Don't Blame It On The Boots - May 2016


This was the first of two one act plays with a Shakespearian theme to celebrate the Bard’s 400th anniversary.  Director Tony Dent presented them both under the working title The Bard Unbuttoned.  The first was Don’t Blame it on the Boots by Nick Warburton.  The plot was a very amateur production of Hamlet in which Michael Cooke as Eric was playing the Ghost of Hamlet’s Father – badly, and Katie Eynon as the Director Kate was trying to get the best out of his performance.  Eric however was more interested in Ophelia, played by Becky Crisfield, whilst keeping one eye on the wings, in case of the arrival of his fiancee Liz (Kate Nash).  Eric is forced to wear some ill-fitting boots that Liz’s famous actor father had worn, and these provided an excellent twist to end the play seemingly with a life of their own.