The Circle - November 2014


Is life a circle, a journey that keeps repeating itself?  Lady Kitty, who gave up a boring life with her titled husband to run away with a young adventurer, watches her daughter-in-law Elizabeth about to do the same thing thirty years later.  Can Kitty convince the younger woman to stay with her husband and avoid all the sorrow, pain and heartaches she has suffered?


Arnold Champion-Cheyney, M.P. - Michael Cooke

Butler - Ian Mess

Mrs Anna Shenstone - Kate Nash

Elizabeth - Jane Monaghan

Edward Luton - Joe Crisfield

Clive Champion-Cheyney - Chris Bishop

Lady Catherine (Kitty) Champion-Cheyney - Sue Rider

Lord Porteous - Ron White



Director - Chris Hearn

Production Team - Rick Roberts  & Katie Eynon

Stage Manager - Neil Tunbridge

Assistant Stage Manager - Larry Robertson

Props Team - Roger Brimble,  Rick Roberts  & Katie Eynon

Set Design - Doug Wells

Set Construction - Alistair Kennard, Paul Gregory, Phil Wright, Ian Mess, Rod Newman, Ken Mason, Mike Robertson, Andy Nicholson, Doug Wells, Sue Kennard, Roger Brimble,  Rick Roberts

Backdrop - Barbara Dent & Carol Griffiths

Décor Team - Sue Kennard, Rick Roberts  & Linda Currion

Wardrobe - Linda Currion & Sue Kennard

Lighting & Sound - Alistair Kennard

Make-up - Barbara Dent, Carol Griffiths & Chloe Ferguson

Prompt - Hazel Mason & Theo Spring

Box Office - Janet Brimble

Front of House Managers - Maureen Devereaux & Pat Morris

Publicity - Linda Currion & Theo Spring

Programme - Jim Gibbons, Paul Carter & Michael Gilbert