Present Laughter - May 2022


Present Laughter is set in the 1940's in a studio apartment belonging to Garry Essendine, a successful and self-obsessed light comedy actor.   As he prepares to travel for a touring commitment in Africa, Garry has to deal with women who want to seduce him, placate both his long-suffering secretary and his wife, cope with a crazed young playwright, and satisfy his backers, Henry Lyppiatt and Morris Dixon.


Garry Essendine  -  Mark Storey

Daphne Stillington  -  Katie Eynon

Miss Erickson  -  Jane Swale

Fred  -  Rick Roberts

Monica Reed  -  Claire Connery

Liz Essendine  -  Mary-Rose Goodliffe

Roland Maule  -  Gordon Drayson

Joanna Lyppiatt  -  Felicity Abbott

Henry Lyppiatt  -  David Sanders

Morris Dixon  -  Chester Stern

Lady Saltburn  -  Kate Nash


Director  -  Theo Spring

Production Assistant  -  Rosemary Stern

Stage Manager  -  Roger Brimble

Assistant Stage Manager  -  Tracey Gascoigne

Set Design  - Doug Wells

Set Construction -  Phil Rathbone        assisted by

Doug Wells, Phil Wright, Ian Mess, Madeline Reeve, Denise Scales & Rodney Newman

Props  -  Phil Wright  assisted by Ian Mess

Lighting and Sound -  Steve North and Paul Flook

Wardrobe - Linda Currion

Makeup - Madeline Reeve

Prompt - Ros Tunbridge

Front of House -  Rosemary Stern and members

Bar  -  Ian Spring and members

Publicity - Linda Currion and Theo Spring

Programme - Theo Spring

Wigs  -  Morven Rae

Rehearsal Photography  -  Anthony Drayson

Yellow Scarf specially knitted by Julie Bullock

Play Posters designed by Gordon Drayson