The Constant Wife - May 2019


The Constant Wife by W Somerset Maugham is set in the 1920s.  Constance Middleton is married to a Harley Street surgeon, John Middleton, who is having an affair with her best friend Marie-Louise Durham.  Constance’s sister Martha is dying to reveal this secret to her sister, but their mother Mrs Culver forbids it.  However, when Mortimer Durham arrives and denounces his wife and John Middleton in front of the assembled guests, Constance cleverly rescues the situation, and thereafter reveals that she knew about the affair all the time.  A friend, Barbara Fawcett, offers Constance a partnership in her furnishing business, and in order to establish her independence, Constance eventually accepts.  She confirms her independence by going on holiday with Bernard Kersal, an old suitor, who has returned from China and is still in love with her.  Her husband, suitably punished for his errant ways, ends up by reluctantly accepting the situation, and agreeing to having Constance back after her holiday.


Constance - Jane Kortlandt

John - Joe Crisfield

Martha - Katie Eynon

Mrs Culver - Sue Rider

Barbara Fawcett - Helen Dunford

Marie-Louise - Becky Crisfield

Bernard Kersal - Steve Bishop

Mortimer Durham - Michael Cooke

Bentley the Butler - Phil Wright


Director - Michael Cooke

Production Manager - Rick Roberts

Stage Manager - Rosemary Stern

Assistant Stage Manager - Rick Roberts

Props - Phil Wright

Set Design - Tony Dent

Set Construction - Alistair Kennard, Tony Dent, Phil Rathbone, Paul Gregory, Phil Wright, Ian Mess

Scenic Painting - Barbara Dent & Carol Griffiths

Wardrobe - Linda Currion & Sue Kennard

Lighting & Sound - Alistair Kennard

Makeup - Madeline Reeve

Prompt - Hazel Mason & Theo Spring

Front of House Manager - Chester Stern

Publicity - Linda Currion

Programme - Roger Brimble

Photography - Theo Spring

Bar Manager - Ian Spring

Box Office - Janet Brimble