Sitting Pretty - November 2016


This play by Amy Rosenthal was set in a London flat, and in an art class.  Nancy & Nina are two very different middle-aged sisters, played by Caroline East and Felicity Abbott.  Nancy, in a fit of depression following her redundancy, finds herself joining a life drawing class run by Philip (John East).  His model (Tamsin Reeve) is leaving, and Nancy finds herself in the difficult position of being the new nude model.  The class members were played by Jane Swale, Margaret Bishop, Joyce Wells, Ian Mess and Peter Millsted-Bowdery, whilst the sisters’ friend and regular visitor, Max was played by Chester Stern, who notched up his  29th stage appearance with the Parlour Players!  The play was directed by another regular Parlour Player actor, Madeline Reeve, her third time in this role, having previously directed Bonaventure (1994) and So What Do We Do About Henry? (1996).


Nancy - Caroline East

Nina - Felicity Abbott

Philip - John East

Max - Chester Stern

Model - Tamsin Reeve

Class Members: Jane Swale, Margaret Bishop, Joyce Wells, Ian Mess, Peter Millsted-Bowdrey


Directed by Madeline Reeve

Props - Phil Wright

Stage Manager - Chris Bishop

ASM - Larry Robertson

Production Manager - Rosemary Stern

Sound - Jim Gibbons, Barry Nicholson

Prompt - Theo Spring, Hazel Mason

Stage Crew - Roger Brimble

Prompt - Hazel Mason

Wardrobe - Linda Currion